I've been receiving treatment and deep cleanings for many years at Perio Artist. Simply stated, the staff are like family and I always feel at ease even though my quarterly cleanings can sometimes be intense. I can't even imagine going elsewhere for treatment.


Recently, I was referred to Dr. Raschkovsky by my doctor. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from the staff. During the procedure, Dr. Raschkovsky seemed to care for my comfort, as he would ask me how I was feeling. By the end, everything went perfectly! I really enjoyed my experience. I will definitely be coming back and I will refer him to all of my friends and family.


What an amazing dental experience ! Dr Raschkovsky and his staff are amazing! I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. Everything went very smooth from the time I entered the office. His front office staff is very polite and welcoming. They explained my treatment plan very well and i had to financial surprises at the end. The treatment performed by Dr Raschkovsky was painless, and the recovery was seamless. He is very gentle and makes you feel comfortable at all times. He has the latest technology available in his office so he is capable of providing you with a very accurate diagnostic and perfectly executed treatment. I recommend all my family and friends to his office because i trust them 100%.

Thank you Dr Raschkovsky and staff for taking such great care of me !


Let me just say this. There is something very special about this periodontist. I came to Dr. R. after my previous perio Dr. Joel Piehl passed away. I needed a wisdom tooth pulled, bone grafting and I was a mess.

The day he pulled the tooth and did the bone grafting he asked me to quit smoking for 2 weeks. Okay well, I could do that and then go back to smoking but, the hard part would be over by the end of week one. So, I just up and quit. Dr. R. didn't approach me with that "oh you're doing yourself an injustice by smoking, you'll ruin your health and your teeth, etc., etc., blah blah". In other words he made it sound like yeah, quit for a couple of weeks just so that you heal correctly. I've been smoke free for over a year. I first saw Dr. R. in May of 2018. It is now (and this review is a long time coming) October 2019 and i haven't had a one cigarette since.

Most recently, yesterday, i called his Beverly Hills office to see if they could schedule another tooth pulling. Yes, more problems. Dr. R was not in the BH office but in his Santa Monica office. "D", his front office person at the Beverly Hills office got me an appointment in his Santa Monica office and he took care of the pulling, bone grafting again and all that goes along with it at the last minute. He takes good care of his patients - especially squeamish ones like myself.

His staff are wonderful too. "D" knows insurance like nobody's business. Everyone there is awesome. I'll be back to see Dr. R in 2 weeks for a follow-up to my current fiasco. It is always a pleasure to see Dr. R. and his staff. I always have a good time there.


Ricardo Raschkovsky is an amazing periodontist! I have been going to his practice since I had an implant done over 9 years ago ! I also found out I had gum disease so have been going back for cleanings and check ups. He really makes sure you are comfortable and let's you know the details of the procedure, he also always recommends preventative measures. He is very calm detailed orientated and above all a very professional. The staff that assist him in his practice are also very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr Raschkovsky and his Team.


Dr.Ricardo Raschkovsky, and his staff are the best I have ever encountered!! As we all know, having extractions, and implants (which is what I used him for) are not things we look forward to in life. But with Dr. Ricardo Raschkovsky, I do! With his confident manor, and great smile. I feel totally at ease. I have had several extractions with him, and it is always pain free, and a perfect recovery. I cant say enough good things about him, and his office. Im never happy about needing him, but I am always happy that I have him to take care of me!!


Bottom Line: Great job to be sure!

Dr. Raschkovsky and his staff made one of the most stressful events in your life seem like it didn't even really happen. If you need have this type of dental work done which in my case was 4 wisdom teeth pulled, you don't have to look any further. Just go here, enough said...

But I'll say more:

No one wants to get their teeth pulled. Through the recommendation of my Dentist Dr. Tiffany Dushane ( dushanedental.com ) I went to see Dr. Raschkovsky. They have a clean, super hi tech facility which does instill confidence that they know what they are doing. We had to do a MRI of my teeth, which I do recommend. It's not cheap however if he is going to do surgery he needs to know exacaly what he is working with and trust me it will make your recovery process so much easier as he has a better picture of how to plan the operation.

He was no BS, very thorough and to the point. What a professional. We made and plan and just jumped in. He explained all of my options for now and in the future and i was confident I found the right place. The staff is great and Dianelly Merida, the treatment coordinator keeps you informed and in the know at all times about every part of the procedure before and after. I never felt blindsided by any part of the operation or cost. This is hugely important as you have a lot on your mind when you are going in for any dental surgery and do not need the extra stress...

I used Dr. Sam Sandaryanst one of their recommended Anesthesiologists. He explained everything in detail and out I went. I woke up a few hours later sans 4 molars, asked if I was done and that was it. I really didn't even know what happened and walk out without any real pain at all and the recovery was only a few days if that. I was up around the very next day without any problems...

This is a credit to Dr. Raschkovsky and his entire staff.

A great job to be sure !



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