Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease in Santa Monica, CA

When gingivitis has been left untreated and periodontitis has settled into the gums and bone, the integrity of the teeth are in jeopardy. Dr. Ricardo Raschkovsky, Dr. Lionell Greenberg and Dr. Thomas Sims of Santa Monica Periodontics & Implant Surgery have over 40 years of experience treating periodontitis and continue their education in efforts to give their patients the best possible treatment available. Their extensive knowledge incorporates the best of past and present technologies to each unique situation. 

Improving Patient Oral Health

Every patient’s case is unique and requires individualized periodontal treatment plans to stop progression of the disease, repair oral health and prevent tooth loss. Depending on the level of periodontitis, Drs. Greenberg and Sims treat utilizing either non-surgical and surgical procedures to restore patient oral health. Moderate and advanced periodontitis are not reversible, but they are treatable. The team at Santa Monica Periodontics & Implant Surgery are prepared to improve patients’ health, function and aesthetics with every custom created treatment plan. 

In addition to deep cleanings, gingivoplasty, periodontal flap surgery, bone grafting and crown lengthening may be included in our treatment plan.

Periodontal scaling and root planning – A non-surgical procedure that removes plaque, tartar and bacteria from teeth and gum tissue. It is an effective way to treat mild to moderate gum disease. It stops the disease from spreading, protects the teeth and improves the aesthetics of your smile.

Osseous surgery – When gum disease has progressed and other therapies have not helped. This surgical procedure will help reshape and smooth affected bone, decrease gum pocket depth and deep clean tooth roots. The surgery helps promote the body to self-repair damaged areas. 

Gum recession treatment– Also known as receding gums, gum recession occurs when there is a loss of soft tissue created by gum disease, over-brushing, poor oral hygiene and oral use of tobacco products. Treatments include several types of gum grafting procedures to thicken gum tissue or to cover exposed roots. 

Bruxism – A common sleep disorder, bruxism is treated to stop gum recession and tooth loss. Examples of treatment include night guards, gum grafting, crowns and crown lengthening to improve function and aesthetics to the dentition.

Oral Cancer Screening – Routine soft tissue exams are an important part of dental check-ups. It is a painless process that can visually detect changes in oral soft tissue including discoloration and thickness.

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Santa Monica Periodontics & Implant Surgery

Our periodontists, Dr. Raschkovsky, Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Sims, work to save patients from tooth loss and improve oral health damaged by gum disease. Gum disease is progressive and treatment is imperative to your oral health. If you think you have gum disease or want to know more, please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


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