Your Night Guard

Use and Care of Your Night Guard

  • The occlusal bite splint you have received serves to aid in reduction of muscle tension, decreased painful symptoms, protect the teeth, and/or maintain the teeth in one position.
  • The splint should be worn regularly as instructed.
  • Saliva flow will increase during approximately the first 2 weeks of wearing the splint. This is normal.
  • If the splint is worn only in the evening, it is normal to wake up briefly and remove it for the first 3 weeks. Be persistent, you will adjust to wearing it.
  • Each time the splint is placed over your teeth, it will feel somewhat tight for a few minutes. This is normal.
  • Each time the splint is removed from your mouth, your bite may feel different for several minutes. This is normal.
  • When the guard is not to be worn for more than 1 to 2 hours, it should be kept moist. Place in the container provided with a moist sponge or gauze in the bottom.
  • Periodic check-ups may be made for the adjustment and fit of your splint.
  • Your splint should be kept clean just as your teeth should. Bad breath and/or bad taste may result from neglect. Brush your splint with a toothbrush and toothpaste after each wearing.
  • You may find it difficult to pronounce certain words when the splint is first worn. After a few days, your speech will return to almost normal. Practice reading a newspaper aloud in private to help you learn new speaking skills.
  • You should not continuously bite or clench on the splint; it is to help you relax, not exercise.