Welcome to our Santa Monica Periodontics & Implant Surgery Blog!  This informative and educational blog is designed to keep patients and residents of our community informed of "What's New" in the field of dentistry.  The posts we provide should help educate you on dental procedures and technology provided in the field of dentistry.  We will also make a concerted effort to keep you update with new technology, procedures, and general developments with our practice.  Please feel free to provide feedback on any posts or you are welcome to share interesting articles with your friends or acquaintances.  We hope you find our blog helpful. 

Periodontics The Far-Reaching Impact of Gum Health

When we think of oral health, our focus tends to be on teeth. Everyone wants that movie star smile, ...

Oct 5 • 4 min read
Periodontics What is the Best Way to Treat Receding Gums?

It’s easy to get complacent with our oral hygiene - especially if we’ve never experienced issues. Wh...

Jul 29 • 3 min read
Periodontics Everything You Need to Know About Deep Cleaning

Regular dental cleanings are an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene, but did you know th...

Mar 30 • 3 min read
Periodontics What Can I Do About Receding Gums?

Ever wonder where the phrase “long in the tooth” originated? According to lore, nineteenth-century h...

Feb 28 • 4 min read
Periodontics Teeth Cleanings - Routine vs Deep Clean

You know regular dental cleanings are an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene, but did yo...

Dec 30 • 2 min read
Periodontics Avoid These 5 Foods & Drinks to Protect Your Gums

When it comes to diet and dental health, most people think of sugar first; even kids know that “sug...

Nov 30 • 3 min read
Periodontics The Importance of Gum Health

The Importance of Gum HealthLet’s see those pearly whites! You hear it all the time, but when was th...

Oct 21 • 5 min read
Periodontics Gum Line Countouring for a Shapelier Smile

Gum Line Contouring for a Shapelier SmileA beautiful smile can be very distracting if your gums are ...

Aug 28 • 4 min read
Periodontics Why Some Periodontists Use Lasers

Why Some Periodontists Use LasersWhen you imagine lasers in healthcare, dentistry probably doesn't c...

Jun 27 • 4 min read

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